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Fashion & Event Artist
aNASTAsia KOzlova
Emerging self-taught artist inspired by World of Fashion.

"When I see something fabulous I already know how I gonna draw it and it fills my soul with so vibrant and great emotions I even can't describe! All my artworks are drawn on a very positive vibe and big joy, and this will for sure light up your interiors with same emotions!"
aNASTAsia KOzlova or @nastako - artist based in Hungary.
Born in Moscow, Russia.
Graduated from Moscow Architectural University in 2005, architect with more than 10 years of experience in architecture and interior design, Anastasia was later on her child's passion for fancy-dress drawings carried away into the world of fashion illustration.
Anastasia's dream always was and still is to illustrate the magic world of fashion!

"She is smart enough not to follow or copy any existing style authorities. She has her own style which becomes quite recognizable already."

"Anastasia works in both techniques - drawings on paper and in digital. We love her very individual style. She is smart and original in her findings, catches the rhythm of runway and backstage moments"

Nastako's skills include, but are not limited to:
  • illustrations for magazines and designers, fashion brands and shops, bloggers and individual customers
  • interior art
  • clothes prints and textile patterns
  • graphic design
  • live drawing on events